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the people and the stories  behind donate 

kidney disease affects three million people in the UK. 

Many survive on dialysis whilst waiting for a

suitable  organ. 


Some, like the producer of DONATE, have their hopes and prayers answered.


 Andrew and his family have  experience of kidney disease, organ donation.... AND television and film PRODUCTION.  

That's a pretty GOOD  skillset for producing a film about kidney disease and organ donation!!!

IMG_0840 (2)_edited.png

Andrew Smith
Andrew worked as production manager,1st Assistant, director and producer on some of the UK’s most successful television. 
credits include: Only Fools and Horses, Victoria Wood, Alas Smith and Jones, Butterflies, Serengeti safari, Comic Relief, and many more.
In 2005 Andrew founded and became Course Leader for the UK’s first undergraduate degree programme in Film
Production and Cinematography.

In 2017 Andrew received a life saving kidney transplant
Sue Tanner  

Sue  worked as Art Director on the UK’s most successful television drama, entertainment and comedy productions.

credits inc
lude  Downton Abbey, Eastenders, Blue Peter,  Dr Who, House of Cards, House of Elliot, A Song For Jenny, The Dresser, Bread, Sleepers and many more.

sue and Andrew met whilst filming on location. they have been married for thirty years.
Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 14.27.47.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 14.24.45.png

Camille and Jessica witnessed andrew's struggle with kidney disease.

In 2022 Jessica became a mom.

Camille worked with Gifford's circus as part of the team proudcing hundreds of live shows.
in 2022
Camille joined apple tv's uk comedy production team and in 2023 began working with   working title .

Camille has overseen the social media campaign  for  DONATE.   

DONATE FEATURES a talented cast -  Harrison Abel is an exciting young talenT,AND Dominic Kinnaird is a hugely experienced actor with credits ranging from Casualty to WonderWoman.
Danny McGregor's cinematography captures the key relationship between Mickey and Raoul which lies at the heart of the film. 
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